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rapid reno mate

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Taking Customer Relationship Management to a Whole New Level

The Rapid Reno Mate is a customer aquisition, retention and education tool. It boosts customer loyalty, improves planning outcomes and profitability of your renovations, and offers a significant return on investment to your business.

Imagine a tool that enables your business to send offers to customers for products or services they need, in real time. Imagine that this tool also enhances the renovation process, and puts your brand in front of your country’s most powerful consumer every day without being even slightly annoying? This tool will set you apart from every one of your competitors. This tool is The Rapid Reno Mate app.

The Rapid Reno Mate creates value by turning customer data into working assets. By overlaying behavioural sciences, this solution delivers real time business intelligence and analytics, which provide you with contextual relevance to communicate with your customers and drive incremental ROI. Our solutions are designed to operate within the retail, insurance, services, events, renovation and D-I-Y sectors of the global renovation market.

Our B2B business has a global and growing footprint that includes international brands, hardware, retailers, media owners and insurance companies.

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Sit back and relax... we do all of the tech work for you

We understand that you need to demonstrate value, nurture relationships and take your customised relationship to the next level of excellence through personalised engagement. Our solution mean you can stay focused on core business while we complete the tech to bring your closer to your customers.

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